Aughty Film

Aughty Film 2012

Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley are currently finalising and editing a feature length film work exploring the Aughties which will be premiered in July 2012. Through observation and engagement with this unique rural region, the film documents the small communities living in the Aughty Region exploring the deeper meanings and potential questions between the place, the landscape and the people at a time where the degeneration and regeneration of traditional rural communities and the impact of modernisation on rural society is reaching a pinnacle moment.

Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley have been working together on short films for the last seven years, and this film project is a feature length exploration of the Aughty Region and its hinterlands, spanning from Loughrea, Woodford, Tuamgraney, Crusheen to Ardrahan, aiming to capture the unique landscape of the Aughty region and its impact on everyday life for the people that live there.

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Aughty: Document 1

Aughty: Document 1 is a short film that documents a 3 day journey taken by Tom Flanagan through the Aughties with the artists Emma Houlihan and Marie Connole as they work on on their public art commissions for the region.

The film is constructed as an “arrangement of incidents” alluding to a more fragmented narrative experience whereby meaning is constructed through the observation and interpretation of the encounter of place and journey. Through constructing a sequence of interlacing images, the camera traces this journey through the Aughties, recording the incidental moments, actions and gestures encountered in the context of the artist projects. Throughout the film, the cinematographic devices of the frame, the shot and montage are used to explore and emphasize the importance of the landscape to the Aughty community and to the artists visiting there.

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Experimental sequence 2010 by Tom Flanagan

Megs Morley & Aughty map 2010 by Tom Flanagan