Weed or Knotweed?

A series of paintings exploring the wild life and birds of the Aughties by Marie Connole 2010

'Weed or Knotweed?' interweaves Connole's fascination with Japanese Knotweed (an invasive species), the bird life in the Aughties and various elements used to map and define the Aughty region. In her work, Connole explores the issue of identity and how we define the Aughty place. Interspersing the works are definitions, bird lore, information, references - all that fascinated hew about the Aughties as she traversed it physically and psychologically in researching for the project.

Marie Connole produced a group of four prints from the painting series which can be purchased from the artist for €10 each with a view to making her art works very accessible to local people in the region. Contact the artist directly with enquiries


Stonechat 2010 by Marie Connole

Tufteduck 2010 by Marie Connole

Golden Plover 2010 by Marie Connole